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Have questions about Christianity?  About Jesus?  About life?  Visit the resources below for some helpful answers. great site to explore the basics and more about Jesus.

www.needhim.orga beautifully designed site that approaches questions about the Christian faith from the viewpoints of the ages and life experiences of the different people asking questions. great series of videos answering all kinds of topics about the Christian faith.
this is the website of the Christian Research Institute and Hank Hanegraff, the Bible Answer Man. This site is a goldmine to find in-depth and well-researched answers on the Christian faith; go to the bottom left corner of the home page, and type in a topic or click on the Topical Index which will take you to a list of their great, free articles. Search around on the site; it is worth it. Though a lot of this website is for people who are already Christians, scroll to the bottom of the Home Page and click on their “10 Reasons to Believe Section” under Resources - good, clear explanations about the Christian faith.


www. seeks to offer the general public a highly credible, educational reference on Jesus  (our Editorial Chair holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Stanford University). The educational approach is to offer historically accurate material and to portray Jesus in a manner that is of most relevance to the audience. Upon studying material of the, one should at least have an accurate, basic understanding of Jesus' core message, Jesus' self-stated purpose, who Jesus claimed to be, why Jesus was controversial and executed, and what caused such a massive following of Jesus, significantly impacting Western Civilization. For over 40 years Probe Ministries has been answering your apologetics questions, addressing current issues, and building confident ambassadors for the kingdom. Take a look around, search for a topic or get in touch with us! With over 1800 articles, answers are a few clicks away. Got Questions has answers to over 4,500 answers to frequently asked Bible questions. You can research a specific question, or browse through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), or read through the top 20 asked questions or top 20 most visited articles.