First Central Bible Church
The Church
What does God want the church to be and to do? How does the church fit into God’s plan? What does he want the church to accomplish during our time on planet earth?


What makes a church great? Is a church great because it has a large building filled with the latest technology? Are the programs a church offers what makes it great? Is it because they have a clever mission statement? A charismatic leader? A trendy color scheme? The style of music? What is it that makes a church great?


While these questions appear very basic, they go to the heart of a church's purpose. In order to make sure we are all on the same page, our church reviews these fundamental questions every so often. In 2012, we did a series on "Becoming a great church." In 2013, we asked the question, "What makes a great church?" In 2015, we focused on the question, "What kind of church does God want us to be?"


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What Kind of Church does God Want Us to Be? - 2015
What Makes a Great Church? - 2013 
Becoming a Great Church - 2012
The State of the Church - The Seven Churches of Revelation - 2018
Vision for the Church - 2021
Vision for the Church - 2022