We have launched the ability for you to make secure online donations to First Central Bible Church using Church Center.

To proceed please click Donate and you will be redirected to the Church Center website and guided through the process of making your donation.

You can give through Church Center by having the funds debited immediately from a checking or savings account. You can also give using a credit card. When complete you will receive a “Receipt for Payment” e-mail from Church Center for your donation, and it will also be included in your end of year contribution statement you receive from First Central.

Special note: you will have the opportunity to indicate via the donation comments which ministry your donation should be directed to. Unless otherwise specified your donation will automatically be directed to the church’s general operating fund.

The decision to accept credit card donations was not made lightly, so First Central asks that before giving in this manner, prayerfully consider the wisdom of using a credit card.

For some of us, the use of credit is something that we struggle with and, at times, has wreaked havoc on our finances. First Central believes that a credit card should not be used unless you intend to pay off your balance in full each month. Finally, when giving via credit card, please ensure that the amount of a credit card charge for your tithes and offerings has been well thought out and is a part of your spending plan/budget.

If you need help in managing your finances, please check out Crown Financial or Dave Ramsey‘s websites for excellent resources and guidance.

In addition, any of our Elders would be happy to speak with you if you have questions regarding managing your finances.

Another Giving Alternative 


Also known as on-line bill pay or other bank check systems. Most banks have some form of online bill paying – often free! You can usually set up recurring payments from any of your active accounts. In most cases there is a short lead time required to set up new payees but once set up, First Central Bible Church will appear in your list of payees. Also, this process can, in many cases, be initiated from within Quicken or Microsoft Money software.

Please note that there is a delay from the time you initiate the payment to the date a check is actually mailed to the church; this  might be important for any year-end tax considerations.

If you have any questions about this process, click here and we can help you with it! You can also contact your bank directly and they will help you.

Thank You!
The FCBC Staff