Global Ministry

We serve as the hands and feet of Jesus as we minister in our local community and around the world. We support several organizations as well as a number of individuals and families.


Individuals & Families

  • Rich & Pam A (Ethnos360)
  • Stephen B (FIM)
  • Shawn & Cindy B (Cru)
  • Bill & Denise B (ABWE)
  • David B (TEAM)
  • Jack & Simcha G (SEND)
  • Mike & Kelli H (BTW)
  • Kevin & Jeanne K (NYC IP)
  • Steve & Ann K (UIM)
  • Kevin & Bridget L (AIM)
  • Jareb & Amy M (BTRF)
  • Bernie & Sherry P (Christar)
  • Dave & Crissie R (MAF)
  • Ben & Becky R (Cru)
  • Chris & Kelly R (MD)
  • Don & Elaine S (SOL)
  • Tom & Lorna S (FOI)
  • Janette S (SEND)
  • Daryl & Mary W (AIIA)

Short-Term Ministry Teams

  • Over the past decade, we have sent short-term ministry teams to Shutesbury, MA; Warsaw, Ohio; Ghana; Russia; and Spain.

The church has produced a brochure with suggested ways to lift up these servants. You can obtain a copy at the various entrances of the church or by sending us a note.